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Job Shadowing Presentation Reflection
While I was job shadowing, I learned that being a video game designer takes a lot more work than it seems. You need advanced math skills, art skills, the [...]
Mock Interview Reflections
The mock interviews, while not as professional obviously, were a really big help and they showed me that I shouldn’t be so nervous during the real [...]
Microsoft (Yes, Microsoft) Has a Far-Out Vision This article talks about how [...]
The Amazing World of LittleBigPlanet
LittleBigPlanet isĀ  a 2.5-d puzzle platformer video game series created by Media Molecule and published on multiple PlayStation platforms. The game follows [...]
60 Second Shakespeare Act
My group had to act out act 2 of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night and I must say that we did an excellent job! This seemed pretty easy to act out in at [...]
Images That Show Who I Am
Commenting Guidelines For My Blog
1. Please, if I get criticism, please make it constructive and notĀ hateful or rude. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything, [...]
Reflecting on Viola’s Behavior
Viola is a really interesting character in 12th Night as she knows a lot more about love and stereotypes than I had thought. At first, I thought that she [...]
After Thoughts About Job Shadowing
I remember that I was in 5th grade and we had done a project about what we wanted to do/be in the future. I had a hard time deciding on what to do until my [...]
Some Advise For New High School Students
Future high school students, I have some very helpful advice for you.   Don’t procrastinate on work! If you procrastinate on something big like [...]
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